How to clean stretch ceilings and with what

According to statistics, now almost one in three families who are planning to make repairs in the apartment, wants to stretch ceilings. And it’s not surprising, because they have undeniable advantages compared to the traditional ceiling finish, even in spite of their higher cost. But not many people before installation think about the question, what to wash, and whether you can wash the suspended ceilings?

In contrast to the stretch ceilings, rack and pinion ceilings are more practical in this respect: it is enough to wipe the plastic with a soft cloth soaked in water with a detergent. The good old paint ceiling is even more practical – if necessary refresh it by painting again and that’s it. The stretch ceiling is more delicate and it is very easy to spoil it with excessive mechanical stress, such as a champagne cork.

Stretch ceilings can be matte or glossy. If glossy, use PVC film, stretched along the perimeter of the room and secured in a plastic or metal baguette. Fabric stretch ceilings are made of fabric and can be seamless. There are no other methods and options for stretch ceilings at the moment!

Now the installation of stretch ceilings is possible in any room of the apartment, even on the loggia. But the main reason for the need to wash is the settling of dust. Often make such a ceiling in the kitchen, and there because of the soot and steam from cooking it will have to wash more often, as well as on the loggia. In other cases, the stretch ceiling design washes only if necessary.

Washing the foil ceilings is very easy, the main thing is to make sure that there was not a strong pressure on the surface, and the material was soft and safe. The surface of the film with anti-static coating resists dust deposition.  The polyvinyl chloride film itself, from which the construction is mounted, is moisture-resistant and assumes safe wet cleaning by definition. To get rid of streaks, we recommend using a detergent with ammonia. If you wipe the ceiling with a damp cloth and dry it gently and immediately, it will shine like new.

But with matt stretch fabric ceilings, it is more difficult and more expensive. In principle, they can also be washed, but they must be handled with the utmost care. It is necessary to exclude the use of abrasives, hard brushes and other objects and means that can damage the delicate fabric.

It is not necessary to rub one and the same place for a long time, and the movements should be not circular, but progressive. A mop can be used, but the sharp edges should be wrapped carefully in a soft cloth so they do not damage the surface. For serious dirt use a more concentrated powder solution.

It is not necessary to use a glass cleaner to clean a suspended ceiling. Such products may contain dyes that can soak into the ceiling canvas and irrevocably damage it.

To properly care for your stretch ceiling, you can contact a special service. There are highly professional detergents and employees with sufficient experience. Not enough has been said about the benefits of stretch ceilings, and now that it is clear how to clean it, you can enjoy all its benefits for a very long time, the main thing is to control the force of the pressure.